Buying a home

There are some essential elements to the buying process:

  • Knowing your budget 
  • Finding your preferred area within your budget
  • Visiting Properties
  • Presenting well written contracts
  • Negotiating after an inspection and appraisal
  • Getting to closing!

We offer free buyer's consultations

Any agent can set up a computer search for you or talk to you about some properties, but not every agent will take the time to meet with you beforehand in order to establish the correct parameters and goals. We have access to properties off the MLS, as well as to full MLS access.  If the properties on the MLS aren't getting it done we will go on an off market search for our buyers. We have the experience and results to prove it.

For no cost to you we will come to meet you for a 30 minute buyers consultation at one of your nearby local spots or set up a meeting at our brokers office in Miami Beach.  If you could save thousands of dollar and a ton of time isn't it worth it to meet with us for 30 minutes?  

Contact us today to set up your buyers consultation meeting.  We are experts in purchasing home in the Miami area and the experience and resources you can trust.

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